Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tool #11 - Reflection

There are so many tools that I have learned to use, but I think that some of my most favorite tools would have to be Edmodo, Wordle, and TED. There are so many ways that I can use these tools with our students, and I am excited to begin exploring the options. Also, I am so proud of myself for finishing up this professional development course, and I am excited about all of the wonderful educational tools that I learned to use on this journey. I'm glad that we were pushed to do this as a campus regardless if we are in the classroom on a daily basis or not. I have heard teachers throw around some of these educational tools in meetings, but I never had the time to explore what they are all about. I feel like learning about these tools will allow me to better connect with our teacher and students because now I know what they are using in the classroom to support instruction. 



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