Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tool #9 - Got Tools?

Students should always be working towards a purpose, thus the importance of having objectives listed in your classrooms on a daily basis. The purpose of having these educational tools is to engage learners and evolve with the changes in education year after year. The tools are supposed to be used as supplemental materials that will help our learners reach their academic goals while having fun. We have evolved into a technologically driven society, and we must keep up with the needs of our students. Holding students accountable for their learning with or without these tools is nonnegotiable. One of the apps that I look forward to using to connect with teachers and students is Edmodo. I created an account, and I am in the middle of setting up my profile to better connect with students and staff. Another app that I have become addicted to as a result of tackling this professional development course is TED. Below is a video of a 12 year old genius named Thomas Suarez who developed apps for the IPhone. What a find! He is my current idol...


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