Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tool #3 - Online Vids and Dropbox

So I had no idea that TeacherTube, SchoolTube, and KidsTube even existed! I really enjoyed exploring SchoolTube, and I liked this site the best out of the three because it is divided into two separate sections for teachers and students. I mostly use YouTube when searching for videos, and I was even able to use YouTube this year for our "Anti-Bullying" assembly to broadcast a former Landrum student's testimony about bullying. I have included her video below. In searching through SchoolTube, I found some neat videos posted by other schools showcasing their career days. Mr. Pratts has asked us to coordinate a career day this year for our staff and students, and it was fun looking at the creative ways in which other schools have organized their career days. Below is a video of career day that took place at Floyd Middle School in which they had 8th grade students research a career and present their research to peers, teachers, and families.

In regards to copyright, I think we often take it for granted that it is easy to reproduce and use copyrighted material in our classrooms. Site your source, and ask for permission when necessary! It's the law!

Dropbox is a neat tool I can use to store my information over the web. I'm excited to begin using it.


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